Tile Cleaning

Tile & Grout Elk City OKThe grout used in most homes is made largely of cement which is a porous product that can hold stains and dirt like an overused mop. Removing stains and deeply ground-in dirt from cement grout is a job for the professionals. Our professional floor care people can look at the grout on your floor and determine which cleaning method and products will achieve the highest quality results. Certain cleaning products can harm your grout by making it more porous and actually driving the dirt deeper into the grout. We are dedicated to total quality and fast customer service.

“Steam Masters is owned and operated by a home town family that is honest and trustworthy. They do an excellent job on carpet or tile and you can feel safe having them in your home or business. I know because they have done multiple jobs for me in homes and in a business setting. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their services.”
Lindy McConnell

Tile Cleaning Elk City OK

We use cleaners that are specifically designed for cleaning grout and tile build-up. The solution eats the stains and any bacteria that are in the grout. Our cleaners do not extract pigment which would result in changing the grout color. After we have removed the dirt and stains, we apply a rinse to remove any remaining residue from the grout and the floor. If you like we can even reseal the grout to extend the period between cleanings.

Strip and Wax Service Elk City OK

Strip and Wax Service Elk City OKPart of the picturesque look of floor cleanliness and beauty is the shine. Wax buildup on hard surfaces becomes a problem because thick, scuffed up wax creates imperfections in the floor .

We strip the existing wax off of your floor right down to the actual surface. The difference in the look is amazing. Next, we can apply coats of floor wax that gives you the shine level you want. It is very important that the stripping be done by professionals. Give us a call today.