Pet Odor

Pet odor and urine stain clean up is another of our specialties. Pet odor can be caused by animal sweat and oils on furniture and the carpet. Pet urine stains on the carpet have a different odor. Usually the urine stains go through the carpet and into the pad. Since these are two separate odors, separate cleaning processes must be used.

Pet Odor and Urine Removal Elk City OK

One of the most difficult tasks a cleaning company faces is cleaning up urine stains and eliminating urine odors. Cat and dog urine stains and odors must be treated differently. Each has a different biological make-up.

Many companies treat carpet surfaces and do not get down to the pad or to the floor. If the urine is not treated completely down to the floor, the odor will return noticeably sooner or later.

Our approach is to use a commercially formulated cleaner that goes deep to attack the source. Our process does not mask odors but completely eliminates them.

Whether it is a pet odor or pet urine issue, we will thoroughly evaluate the cleaning process required and discuss with you the best options.