Water Restoration

Water Restoration Damage Elk City OK When water has invaded your home, we are the company to call for immediate help. We understand the physical, emotional and environmental impact of water accumulation. Our technicians are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, a national non-profit certification body that establishes and promotes high standards and technical proficiency in the inspection, cleaning and restoration service industry. We want to get the water out of your home and some peace of mind back in.

Water Restoration Damage Elk City OK

When we respond to a water emergency in your home, we bring the expertise of the country’s leading technology certification and training organization. This means we know what to do when we see the damage; we don’t have to think about it.

Emergency Service Call Now!!!

We move quickly to extract the water from the all the areas where the water has settled. Our technicians will remove the carpet from the flooded area and then from your property to a proper disposal site. Next, we remove all the drywall that is wet. Drywall acts like a sponge, and only a close examination can determine the vertical impact on the drywall. Often, the drywall appears to be unaffected beyond a certain height but the water has soaked into the backside of the drywall without creating any visual watermarks. Its important that all drywall that has been exposed to water be removed because black mold will find its way to this ideal location to grow on.

When the water has been extracted and the carpet and drywall have been removed we can provide commercial fans to help dry the wall studs and the area in general. The faster the affected materials are dried, the less likely mold will be able to grow. If the invading water is suspected to be contaminated, we will discuss with you the options for sanitizing the affected areas. We can also clean any upholstered furniture that was contaminated by the water. Upholstered furniture should not be allowed to just dry if you want to continue using it.